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Specialists in Insulation & Soundproofing for Windows & Doors.

We are a specialist supplier of Secondary Glazing and Acoustic Glazing Treatment for Sound proofing windows, with over 35 years of experience in all types of Window Insulation, serving North London and surrounding areas.

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Secondary glazing is a slim, completely separate internal window or door, fitted to the inside of the existing window or door.
Our secondary glazing system is very discreet-made and fitted to blend in to the existing windows and doors, it is

Our system

Manufactured from slim extruded aluminium frames.
As standard has a durable white gloss finish & other colours available.
Glazed with various types of 4mm, 6mm, or 6.4mm glass.
Available in different units types to match different types of existing windows and doors.
Designed to allow easy access to the existing primary windows for ventilation and cleaning.
Suitable for installation to almost all types of existing windows and doors.

Secondary Glazing for Insulating Windows & Reducing Noise

Are your windows noisy, cold & draughty ?

If your windows are single glazed, then installing secondary glazing will upgrade them to modern window insulating standards.

The secondary windows will also provide additional benefits.

Reduced heating bills

Much cheaper than replacement double glazing

Improved Energy Performance Certificate

Window draught proofing

Condensation on windows resolved

Increased security

Decreased noise

Retains the character of Traditional and Period Windows

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Is noise a major issue for you ?

If you are consistently irritated by noise from neighbours or road traffic we can incorporate 6.4mm Stadip silence glass.

Silence glass is a laminated glass product with an interlayer designed to minimise sound transmission through the glass, reducing the effects of external noise pollution, such as road traffic and aircraft.

Benefits include.

Excellent sound reduction

Safety Glass


UV protection

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Secondary Glazing For Sash Windows

If you ever had a price for replacing sash windows, then you know just how horribly expensive they are.

Additionally, many are in Listed Buildings, Conservation Areas and Apartment Blocks, where double glazing is prohibited.

We have the solution:

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Spiral Balance Vertically Sliding Secondary Windows

The spiral balance system allows the secondary glazing to duplicate the normal  up and down movement of a traditional sash window-including leaving it in the open position for ventilation.

The individual pre-tensioned spiral spring balances control the vertical motion of the sashes, enabling easy fingertip positioning and repositioning.

They blend in perfectly with your existing sash windows !

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Secondary Glazing For Heritage & Listed Buildings Double Glazing

If you have a heritage property and / or do not have permission to change the existing windows, then secondary glazing is the best way to improve the property`s energy efficiency and sound proofing,whilst retaining your home`s character and authenticity.

We are fully experienced installing secondary glazing to Heritage, listed, conservation and character properties.

The Benefits of Secondary Glazing for Historic and Listed Buildings.

Secondary does not alter the external facade

Accepted by & specified by Planning & Conservation Officers

An economic solution

Protect the value of the property

Colour matching to any RAL Colour

In most incidences does not require planning permission

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